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Help > The User Interface: Grantmaker Indexes

Open a Foundation Index by clicking any of the green search field titles on the Grantmaker Search Screen. Note: The indexes (except for Grantmaker Name) will show a number in parenthesis to the right of each index term, indicating the number of grantmaker records available in the database for that term.

Grantmaker Name:
Use this index to select a specific grantmaker by its name. All names are arranged in an alphabetical list by the last name of the individual for whom the grantmaker was named or the first key word of the grantmaker name.

Grantmaker State:
Use this index to select grantmakers located in a specific state. The majority of the grantmakers are located in Vermont; however, the database also includes out-of-state grantmakers with a stated geographic preference that includes Vermont.

Grantmaker City:
Use this index to select grantmakers located in a specific city.

Fields of Interest:
This index searches for grantmakers that identify giving interests in specific fields or subject areas.

Types of Support:
Use this index to limit your search to a specific type of funding.

Geographic Focus:
Use this index to select grantmakers with a known interest in specific state(s), or those that award grants on a national or international basis. This index contains state names, and the terms National and International. The majority of the grantmakers that have a geographic focus in their record list Vermont in this database.

Trustees, Officers, and Donors:
Use this index to locate a specific person listed in the grantmaker record as a trustee, officer, or donor. Banks, company names, and other organization names are listed when they are donors or trustees.

Type of Grantmaker:
Use this index to search for one or more of the following possible grantmaker types: Community Foundation, Company-Sponsored Foundation, Corporate Giving Program, Independent Foundation, Operating Foundation, or Public Charity.

Total Giving, Total Assets, and Establishment Year:
Use range searching in Search Grantmakers to limit a search to grantmakers of a certain asset or total annual giving size, or by year of establishment.