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Help > Searching: Index Search

Using the Index Search feature makes it possible for you to conduct a search without the need to type anything at all in the search fields. Clicking on a term in an index pastes your selection into the search field automatically.

All the indexes (except for Grantmaker Name) will show a number in parenthesis to the right of each index term, indicating the number of grantmaker records available in the database for that term. Several indexes will group its terms alphabetically by showing a list of A to Z on the top of the Index Pane; click the underlined letter that corresponds to the first letter of the term for which you are searching.

To conduct an index search:

Click a search field heading on the Search Screen, and locate the indexed term you wish to include in your search in the Index Pane and click on it.

Repeat the above step if you want to include additional search criteria in other search fields.

[Note: The search engine automatically inserts the AND Boolean operator between search fields if two or more criteria are included as part of your search. This will narrow your results because the AND operator tells the search engine to return only records containing all of the criteria you select.]

Click the Search button once you've selected all of the criteria you wish to include in your search.

Click on a record in the Search Results list to display the text of the record in the Record Display window. Your search terms are highlighted in red.