The Vermont Directory of Founations Online

Help > Searching: Text Searching

A Text (or Keyword) Search allows you to retrieve a record by searching its complete contents (unlike an Index Search, which only searches indexed text fields). If you are searching for specific information not found in the indexes, or you do not want to limit your search to a particular field, use the Text Search option.

To conduct a text search:

Place the cursor in the Text Search field by clicking in it, and type in the keyword or phrase for which you are searching.

Click the Search button once you've selected all of the criteria you wish to include in your search.

Click on a record in the Search Results list to display the text of the record in the Record Display window. Your search terms are highlighted in red.

Note: The Vermont Directory of Foundations Online defaults to a phrase-type text search, which means it will only return records containing all the words you typed in the exact order in which you typed them. If you do not wish for the words you enter to be interpreted as a phrase, include a Boolean operator such as AND or OR or NOT between each word.